Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

People often ask us if there is a real person on the other end of the line. Perhaps they have been burned by other websites that only offer automated, cookie-cutter responses, or employ teaching assistants to do all the heavy lifting.

At BetterPhoto, we stand for authenticity, integrity, and a highly interactive experience.

You get answers to your questions and comments on your photos by the author/photographer/instructor. You'll be amazed at how accessible, prompt, and happy to help our instructors are. They love to teach, and look forward to answering your questions and helping you grow as a photographer.

See for yourself... try out a course, ask the instructor a question, and see if you feel delighted like our other thousands of "raving fan" customers.

"The teacher gives quick responses to any questions, and goes out of the way to make sure you understand."

- Linda Pearson
Fisk, MO

"The instructor is very open to questions and comments, and actually loves to interact with his students."

- Charles J. Cangialosi
Great River, NY